Almost any industrial process uses compressed air as one of its energy resources. Compressed air is easily accessible and available throughout the factories and plants as a reliable energy form. By monitoring/ measuring the compressed air flow, we can anticipate problems and ensure that the compressed air system is always available for your business needs. Compressed air flow meters show you where, when and how much air is used

Flow Measurement system

Measuring the compressed air flow gives the control back to the operators, knowing how much air is consumed during which period of productions and how much air is actually needed. Compressed air is an expensive utility approximately 7-8 time expensive than electricity. Leakages and spillage can account for almost 50% of compressed air wastage in pneumatic instrument wear and tear.

We provide a compressed air flow measurement services for all operating requirements.  Technologies include inline flow meters, pitot tube flow meters and thermal mass flow meters depending on the site conditions and operating parameters. Our installations can provide customers a real time view of  their compressor air flow . We also provide a detailed report on the average flow rate and peak flow values of their compressed air system. Such analysis can help customers not only in energy savings but also helps in understanding the flow variations in their facilities.

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