SUTO Products

SUTO is the most advanced collection of compressed air monitoring solutions available on the market today. Through the network of Wi-Fi-enabled sensors, data loggers, and displays, SUTO provides facilities a way to monitor the overall health of their compressed air system with ease. From a single monitor, SUTO displays flow, air quality, and dew point data from every linked sensor, instantly revealing any potential problems and saving a great deal of time on system monitoring.

SUTO Products We Use

Air Quality Instruments

SUTO’s interconnected air quality sensors and meters reveal precise information on air quality from across your full compressed air system. By taking readings from wherever sensors are placed and feeding the information back into the central dashboard, you can easily access a clear picture of your compressed air quality.

Flow and Consumption Meters

SUTO’s compressed air flow sensors and meters reveal areas where air supply and demand are mismatched, allowing users to isolate and resolve problems quickly and easily. Available in multiple configurations, SUTO’s flow sensors and meters are designed to be placed strategically into every corner of your compressed air system.

Dew Point Sensors for Compressed Air and Gases

SUTO’s compressed air dew point sensors and monitors provide detailed moisture metrics with pinpoint precision, feeding information into a central dashboard to create a comprehensive view of your full system’s dew point status.

Displays, Data Loggers, and Software

SUTO’s array of displays and data loggers allow you to easily view the information gathered by the sensors and meters in a single dashboard. SUTO’s displays show dew point, consumption, and air quality data from across your compressed air system, instantly revealing the system’s overall health.

Further Useful Sensors and Systems

Compressed air systems are usually quite complex and intricate, meaning that some areas can be difficult to monitor with conventional sensors. SUTO addresses this problem by offering sensors and systems that can be assembled to fit any situation.

How SUTO Works

SUTO’s compressed air solutions blend practicality and innovation seamlessly, boasting a comprehensive array of different sensors for compressed air systems:

  • Air Quality
  • Flow and Consumption Meters
  • Dew Point Measurement

Within each of these 3 categories, SUTO offers sensors in multiple sizes and configurations to enable monitoring in every corner of the compressed air system. Each of these sensors links to a central display, which shows all of the information the sensors gather in an intuitive dashboard. SUTO doesn’t just provide better metrics using advanced sensors, it creates a comprehensive view of the full compressed air system. If you notice air supply has dropped at some point-of-use, all you have to do is take a look at SUTO’s display to see exactly where the issue is occurring. If you’re finding that condensate is causing clogs or contamination, SUTO allows you to see where condensate build up begins and ends, helping you make better, faster decisions on how to address the problem.