Rotary Screw Compressors from all manufacturers will require air end repair at a specific number of service hours. This ensures that the unit continues to operate reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively.

When the time does arise to get your compressor’s air end overhauled, entrust it to our in-house team of experts to ensure that it is carried out with maximum care and professionalism.

Our air end overhaul service is carried out to the highest standards and includes the supply of all necessary new seals, bearings, and gaskets, with rotor repair where required.

Preventative maintenance is essential to decrease the likelihood of failure. Over time the bearings within an air end will be subject to wear and tear. This increases the possibility of collapse and the rotary screws coming into contact. This could result in catastrophic failure.

The cost of an air end overhaul is just 1/3 of the cost incurred should a catastrophic failure take place. Preventative maintenance can save you money and keep downtime to a minimum.

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