Dry Claw vacuum pumps and compressors

DRY claw vacuum pumps and dry compressors are designed for applications where the treated elements do not need to be contaminated during the process. The absence of wear components in these pumps offers big saving advantages in terms of maintenance and associated downtime.

Dry claw vacuum pumps

DRY C – Dry claw vacuum pumps

DRY C and DRY CR series

Ultimate pressure: up to 100 mbar

Pumping speed: 60÷1140 m3/h

Serie DRY C NEXT Generation

Ultimate pressure: up to 80 mbar

Pumping speed: 150÷180 m3/h


Dry claw compressors

DRY C – Dry claw vacuum compressors

DRY C and CR P Series

Pressure: from 0,6 to 2,3 bar

Pumping speed: 56÷600 m3/h

Serie DRY C P NEXT Generation

Pressure: from 0,6 to 2,45 bar

Pumping speed: 150÷180 m3/h


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