Engineered Packages

Engineered Packages

We design custom skid assemblies and fabricate engineered turnkey packages for service air, instrument air, Nitrogen generation assemblies to specifically meet all of your application requirements.

Assemblies are engineered specifically to reduce the operational costs associated with startup. Each industrial skid assembly is packaged for ease of transportation, making them ideal for harsh or remote locations.

Instrument Air Skid Packages

  • Includes Compressors ( Rotary Screw / reciprocating, lubricated or Oil free, fixed speed or variable frequency drive with LV-MV motor
  • Black start compressor with diesel engine as prime mover
  • Specialised Lifting frame
  • Containerised execution with air-conditioning system for high ambient conditions
  • Suitable for explosion proof, high ambient temperatures, Onshore and desert applications

Nitrogen Generation Skid Packages

  • PSA Type Nitrogen Skid suitable for Rental companies
  • Available with crash frame for lifting and onsite operation
  • Containerised package available as per customer specifications
  • Package includes Compressor, Heatless desiccant air dryer, wet air receiver, dryer air receiver and filtration system on a common baseframe

Desiccant Air Dryer Skids

  • Available as packaged skids in simplex or duplex ( duty/standby) arrangements as per client specifications.
  • Package includes Carbon steel/stainless steel piping, PLC control / micorprocessor based control, tropicalization for ambient temp upto 60 deg C
  • Painting (external / internal) as per required specifications
  • Optional ancillaries such us Prefilter and afterfilter (single or dual), Safety valve, Pressure gauge, Local control panel (suitable for site conditions) as per project requirements
  • Available for dew point of upto -70 deg C