Downstream Filtrations

Line Filters

Omega Air compressed air filters are designed for protection of the downstream compressed air system and equipment against defects and other failures. They ensure high efficient removal of solid particles, water, oil aerosols, hydrocarbons, odour and vapours from compressed air systems ranging from 11 bar up to 420 bar.

Required compressed air quality according to standard ISO 8571-1 can be achieved with 9 different grades of filter elements (B, P, R, M, S, A, A2, H2 and MS2). Optional internal and external condensate drains should be used for efficient condensate draining from filter housing.

Line Filters are available for a complete range and application of compressed air such as

  • Aluminium Housing filters for 16 bar for removing of solid particles, water and oil aerosols
  • High pressure aluminium filter for 50 bar application
  • Welded Carbon steel filters
  • Welded stainless steel filters
  • Silicon free compressed air filters
  • Carbon steel high pressure filters
  • Stainless steel high pressure filters
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Condensate Separators

Moisture is a part of atmospheric air and hence condensate in compressed air systems can't be avoided. Omega Air condensate separators are designed for high efficient removal of bulk liquids from compressed air and vacuum systems.

Condensate Separators are available for a complete range and application of compressed air such as

  • Aluminium condensate separators ( CKL-B , CKLC series 16/20 bar)
  • High temperature Aluminium condensate separators (CKL-B HT series 10 bar)
  • Welded condensate separators ( CS/ CS SS series 16 bar)
  • Aluminium high pressure condensate separators ( CKL- HF series 50 bar)
  • Carbon steel high pressure condensate separators ( CKL-CHP series 420 bar)
  • Stainless steel high pressure condensate separators. ( CKL - IHP series 420 bar)
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Air/Oil Water Separators

Condensate is an unavoidable result of air compression. It is a chemically aggressive fluid that mainly consists of water, but also contains oil and dirt particles. Oil carryover is unavoidable if you have compressors that use oil in the compression chamber. Just one litre of used oil can contaminate up to one million litres of fresh water. This is the reason that environmental regulations strictly prohibit the discharge of oily wastes and chemicals, including the condensate drained from a compressed air system. Compressed air condensate must therefore be treated in accordance with water resource legislation to achieve prescribed safety levels before it can be disposed of in the waste water system.

Compressor condensate must therefore be either collected and treated by special processes or treated prior to disposal to the environment. An oil/water separator can be used here to remove the oil from the condensate. Since the condensate is approximately 95% water and 5% oil, water/oil separators have been developed to reduce or eliminate the amount of oil in the condensate.

Condensate Drains

Condensation occurs at almost every point along the compressed air treatment process. In most cases, it contains oil and dirt particles that should not enter the compressed air system. No matter how much investment you make on high-quality equipment for compressed air (compressors, dryers, filters), compressed air quality becomes worthless, if the condensate is not discharged from the system.

Omega Air has a range of condensate management drains based on your varying applications. From manual drains to mechanical automatic drain and highly efficient zero loss electronic drains, Omega Air has a complete range for condensate drain management for your compressors, dryers, filters and air receiver tanks.

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Aftercoolers are heat exchangers for cooling the discharge from the outlet of air compressors. They use either air to air cooling or water to air cooling to reduce the compressed air temperature. This is an effective means of removing moisture from compressed air. Aftercoolers reduce the amount of water vapor in a compressed air system by condensing the water vapor into liquid form

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are tanks, designed to store compressed air. On request Pressure vessels can also be designed for any other technical gas. Volume of pressure vessel depends on compressor capacity and on consumption of compressed air. The supply of pressure vessel includes Anticorrosion protection (external painting or hot dip galvanizing), CE certificate (PV 200-900) PED (PV 1000-10000), Inspection opening (PV 1000-10000), Supporting legs, Connections for optional equipment.

Pressure vessels are designed and manufactured according to the European Directive and International Standard:

  • Directive 2014/68/EU PED Pressure Equipment


Compressed air is one of the most common but also one of the most expensive energy sources in industry. Quality and energy efficient air compressor is definitely the most important component of every compressed air system but without appropriate air treatment and measuring equipment it is not possible to provide quality and low cost compressed air. Stable product quality, process optimization and energy savings are just some of the reasons why measuring equipment is becoming essential part of todays compressed air/gas systems. Type and number of sensors depend on specific application but the most common are pressure, flow and dew point sensors.

Omega Air provides various measuring instruments ranging from

  • Display & Data Logger
  • Dew Point sensor
  • Flow/Consumption sensor
  • Thermal Mass Flow meter
  • Pressure sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Residual Oil Sensor
  • Laser particle counter
  • Leak detector
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