Compressed Air Piping

Compressed Air Plant Piping

Good compressed air piping is the "other half" of an efficient and effective compressed air system. A poorly designed pipe layout can result in pressure losses and contamination leading to unreliable equipment operation. In addition, the compressor may have to work "overtime" to try to compensate for these conditions, resulting excessive energy bills.

FLOWELL PNUEMATICS is specialised in Aluminium and Stainless-steel pipe and fittings manufacturing for the Industrial sector. We specialize in low pressure and high pressure compressed air piping along with piping for Industrial fluids. Our system is modular, corrosion free and it meets highest industrial standards.

FLOWELL aluminium compressed air piping does not have a corrosion build-up like steel pipe, does not sag with heat and is light in weight. It therefore requires fewer brackets and is faster to install with consequent savings in both labour and materials. In addition the piping comes pre- painted and does not require painting like steel or Gavlanised piping.

FLOWELL solid metal piping system offers you simple design and substantial strength which ensuring easy installation. It is an excellent choice for compressed air/ vacuum and inert gases for distribution up to 13 bar/-0.87 bar operating pressure in the temperature range -200c to +75 0c.
The smoother interior construction of extruded aluminium pipe 6063-T6 and SS-316L seamless has low coefficient of friction and full bore fittings which minimize the pressure drop and provide best laminar flow & leak free connections are preventing air loss/wastage.

Thanks to the reliability, durability and rigidness of the piping, FLOWELL provides a 10-year warranty on its piping for Industrial sector.

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