About us

QualTrec Solutions aims to be a diversified industrial products solution company with the following business segments catering to focus on the industrial market.

Industrial Utility Products

The Industrial Utility division mainly focus on design, supply and install of standard utility packages for the general industry. With a strong back up from world-class OEMs, we provide a complete range of Industrial utility packages that includes.

Industrial Compressors that include the following

  • Portable tank mounted piston compressors upto 15 hp
  • Belt Driven screw compressors upto 55KW
  • Direct Drive rotary screw compressors upto 315KW
  • Refrigerant air dryers
  • Desiccant air dryer (heatless type, blower type, HOC type)

The compressors are available in different combinations such as tank mounted, standalone type, integrated dryer type, Fixed speed and variable speed type.

Downstream Filtration includes the following

  • Line filters for Compressors air system ranging from 3μ to 0.01μ. This includes pressure range of 16 bar, 40 bar and 420 bar.
  • Stainless steel process filters and Sterile filter for process applications
  • A range of cyclone separators for condensate removal is also available.
  • Condensate Drains include timer-based drains, mechanical auto drains, electronic drains, manual drain for a pressure range of upto 420 bar
  • Water Oil Separator equipment
  • Air receivers complying to PED standards

Nitrogen / Oxygen Generation includes the following

  • Nitrogen generators are available in Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) type and Membrane type for a complete range for a purity range of upto 99.999%
  • Oxygen generators are available upto a purity range of 95%

Aluminium and Stainless-steel piping system

We specialize in complete compressed air piping solutions with excellent operational efficiency and perfect suitability for various industrial applications. Our Aluminium piping system and Stainless-steel piping system are modular and corrosion free that meet highest Industrial standards and comes with a 10 year warranty

Engineered Custom Build Packages

QualTrec has capabilities to design, fabricate and assemble tailor-made skid units for adverse environments such as offshore, explosion-proof and desert areas. These include instrument air, black start/plant air compressors along with Nitrogen generators and Oxygen generator packages.

    Based on the client's specifications, skids include

  • Instrument air packages for offshore / onshore applications (lubricated or oil-free, water or air-cooled, and fixed or variable speed, with electric LV-MV motor or diesel engine)
  • AIR dryer packages (heatless / heated, heat of compression (HOC), membrane & refrigerated
  • Nitrogen generation packages (Pressure Swing adsorption (PSA), Membrane type)
  • Air receivers (ASME / PED / CE)

QualTrec can comply to local and international Standards such as API 619, ISO 10440.1 and ISO 10440.2, ASME VIII DIV. 1 and U STAMP, PED.

Aftermarket Business (Parts & Services)

We highly believe that the easiest way to enter a customer premises is by providing support on his existing installations. We understand the need for a good aftermarket support to ensure continuous uptime for your business. Our team is capable of providing genuine spare parts and high quality service for your compressed air systems, blowers and vacuum systems.

Breakdowns are inconvenient and expensive, and they don't always happen during business hours. We provide maintenance and service support with a team of highly skilled and experienced service engineers & technicians. From emergency call outs to scheduled preventative maintenance and remote monitoring of the package modules & systems we can tailor a service package to meet the needs of any application.